A Message to all my Subscribers

I Share my goals and vision and what I Intent to accomplish with Syl's Substack and how my Subscribers will be involved.

First: Hello hello and welcome welcome!! I am most happy to have you all here joining me in what I Intend to be a Collaborative Journey. Which is the core of what I wish to share in this welcome post. I have tons and tons of content, as you can see, and have almost as much, if not more sitting in drafts. But! What I am aiming to do is make my Programs and Course also available to my subscribers. Something I have not done before.
To provide some context: My Programs and Courses, are comprehensive, extensive, and require much from the Participant and myself when done in the one-on-one format which I currently use. As such there’s considerable time involved for both. Of course this also means in this format it’s expensive. Relatively of course as when asked how much they are my first response is: “The price is the cost of the rest of your life.” Since my Programs and Courses result in profound and lasting Life-Change and Self-Change this is invaluable, so any price is relatively inexpensive.
However, not all have access to what’s required and this affects me deeply. I would do it all for free if I was in a position to, but unfortunately I am not. It’s a deep pressure in me to make what I have availably accessible in such a way that pretty much anyone can afford to do my Programs and Courses. I feel Deep Self-Change and Life-Change is something all need to be able to access.
To this end, I am looking to make my Programs and Courses available in a group format where affordability is not an issue. It is actually important for Participants to be somewhat invested, as then there’s that bit of psychological pressure to not waste the investment made.

There’s much benefit to being in such a one-on-one interaction, but there’s also much benefit to participating via a Group. Both ways-of-doing have benefits the other does not. My aim therefore with this post, which I’ll pin for a while is to accumulate those who are interested in such Group Participation before sharing details of how much a paid subscription will be once we get started. Also, it will not mean all need to start or do the particular Program at the same time or at the same rate. I’ve a method-of-doing which makes it possible for participants to start and progress according to themselves and still all benefit. But more on that later.
In the meantime I’ll post about the different programs I have, how they all connect to all the posts I have posted, how to maximise being a Subscriber here and so on.

My overall aim is to have Collaboration a core of being a Subscriber to Syl’s Substack, which means interaction, sharing, comments contributions and so on. Not a requirement, but a profound option which can be taken advantage of. I’ll be sharing much on the HOW of Learning, and how exactly this is much misunderstood by most and thus why few get Real and lasting results from 3hat they believe they have learned. I have developed methods of doing such Learning which makes it Capital L Learning. (Another topic I’ll post about, my usage of Capitalisation and hyphenation, and why it makes a difference.)

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas, questions and perspectives (yes, plural) in comments. Or email me at sylsabastian@gmail.com, or reply to the email form of the newsletter.
It may take a while before we get going or not. I don’t know at this point, all depends on how this develops.
:) :D <3

Edit Update: I have added categories to the menu, but because I can only add new posts to the categories this means I’ll be reposting the content in the archive category so it’ll be sorted. ha, huge project as there are over 500 posts, and I have hundreds more in draft, and lol, not sure how many more ready to emerge as Appropriateness dictates. But reposting will be a Journey, and likely I’ll edit the previous posting some and connect the posts to a theme and thread, that of our joint Learning and Growing.

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