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The meeting discusses the importance of Intent and effort in interactions, as well as the transformation of a planet's culture through Collaboration. Syl Sabastian introduces Golf-With-Grace...

Meeting with Beena Sidd, Syl Sabastian - #MorenessProject - Recorded on Mar 1, 10:00 AM. Summary: The meeting discusses the importance of Intent and effort in interactions with others, as well as the transformation of a planet's culture through Collaboration. Syl Sabastian introduced the concept of Golf-With-Grace and how it requires Attunement to oneself.

Key Points:
• They discuss the importance of focusing on Intent and effort in interactions with others (4:21)

• Syl explains that faceting oneself is about Awareness and Understanding, while Polishing oneself is about Application and Implementation (11:13)

• Syl emphasizes the importance of diligence and thinking things through before making cuts or changes to oneself, and how this leads to effective Application and Polishing (13:02)

• Biella and Eluminia set up a trust to administer the properties and businesses they acquired on Golf World (16:01)

• Syl explains how their steady improvement over time transformed the culture of the planet, with both men and women seeing the change gradually and having time to assimilate it (34:20)

• Syl Sabastian tells a story about a man named Roger who defied the prevailing training paradigms in running and became excetionally successful (38:54)

• Syl Sabastian describes how the men's betting on Biella’s golf tournaments drained their wealth and led to their frantic panic as she broke into single digit handicaps, which had been declared impossible by some. Women began to see that they could be More, but it was slow and difficult due to their conditioning. As Biella continued to win, more and more women came to see what they had been told was not true. (41:09)

• Syl discusses a story about paradigm change and the challenges of changing deeply ingrained cultural beliefs (54:42)

• The culture on the planet was transformed due to necessity for cooperation and Collaboration, leading to incredible efficiency and effectiveness (58:24)

• Syl Sabastian introduces the concept of the handicap system in general life and how it became a focal point of transformation on the planet, leading to a unique revolution in legal and cultural conception (1:01:20)

• Syl emphasizes the importance of Impeccability and trusting in the grand scheme, and how following through with this led to a transformation of a planet's culture (1:16:01)

• Syl talks about how Biella’s success in golf led to a culture of Collaboration and doing things for the inherent pleasure of it on the planet (1:17:35)

• Syl discusses how Golf-With-Grace is about finding joy in the activity itself, rather than just the result, and how it became an official curriculum for conveying the values of the New Nobility on the planet. (1:19:34)

• Syl explains the structure of the book "Golf-With-Grace" and how it starts with Biella teaching Ursula golf (1:25:14)

• Biella emphasizes that the objective of golf is to get the ball into the hole using the lowest number of strokes, not how to stroke the ball (1:26:24)

• Golf requires Attunement to the totality of oneself, according to Syl (1:32:42)

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