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Before I get into detail as to why, one major reason is that I help many who cannot afford help, thus, consider your subscription as a charity subscription, because that’s really what it is. My philosophy when it comes to Participants and recipients is: “Those who can support those who can’t.” <3

I’ll share ongoing content from my programs as well as constantly Share how to get lasting change and growth. There’s much more to making sure learning actually sticks and lasts. I’ll Share Self-Evident-Sensibilities, Tools and Conceptions and thus No Belief Required! This is crucial. I have no interest in anyone just believing me. No, it must Make Sense to You.

A Subscription will get you access to what I share on a regular basis and for paid subscribers more interaction and through that access to private Sessions as needed. Not something I am willing to do with just anyone, as such sessions have much much in them and thus require much and aren’t for those who want to be mollycoddled or spoonfed. :)

I’ve been doing what I do for a long time and it’s extremely effective. Subscribers enable me to make the Value I have to offer available to those who would not otherwise be able to afford doing my Programs and Courses one-on-one, and this makes me happy indeed. I don’t care for exclusion because of income in the least. Also, your paid subscription helps others, because, my idea with the subscriptions, especially when I start doing the Programs and Courses here, is to meet a modest monthly goal for myself and that’s it, once reached the cost per subscriber is reduced. Thus, the more that subscribe the less each pays. :)

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