Capital R Reading of Sher's Poem - Discussion on Trauma Healing

Meeting with Beena Sidd, Sher Unbound, Trauma Recovery Facilitator, 1 Other - Recorded on Feb 25, 10:02 AM. Summary: The meeting discussed the importance of releasing guilt and shame in order to co...

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Meeting with Beena Sidd, Sher Unbound, Trauma Recovery Facilitator, 1 Other - Recorded on Feb 25, 10:02 AM.
Summary: The meeting discussed the importance of releasing guilt and shame in order to connect with one's true self and others. Syl emphasized the power of tools such as the Dictionary-of-Power and Life-Detective for Self-Awareness and Understanding. The Moreness-Project principles of Awareness, Discernment, Understanding, and Application were also highlighted as helpful in releasing negative emotions.

Key Points:
• Beena Sidd talks about exercising freedom and Clarity-of-Intent when making decisions, regardless of the consequences, and the importance of learning from those experiences (2:05)

• Syl talks about reformatting his book for Amazon and how it has changed his perspective on yhe advertising copy for his book (11:21)

• Syl explains that hisbook is specifically for those who have been in a relationship with a BMN (Bullshitter-Manipulator-Narcissist) and need to get out, but struggle with acknowledging their love for the person and giving up on intimacy (14:16)

• Syl emphasizes that belief alone is not enough to make the necessary changes and that their book covers multiple facets of the BMN problem to convince readers of the need to let go and grieve (16:16)

• Syl explains the importance of hammering the point home through repetition and multiple angles to truly convince readers of the need to give up on their love for the BMN and acknowledge their mistake. (17:47)

• Syl Sabastian emphasizes the importance of avoiding the behavior of a BMN (Bullshitter-Manipulator-Narcissist) and being careful not to inadvertently create situations where participants feel the need to be special (38:14)

• Sher’s poem highlights the power of seeking substance in facade and how it creates a void that people don't realize (40:58)

• Beena gives examples of how acknowledging and deliberately doing something can help overcome guilt and connect with one's true self, while also cautioning about being mindful of where one puts their energy and what kind of energy they want in their life. (57:01)

• Beena discusses the importance of Clarity-of-Intent and not getting trapped in guilt or shame (59:22)

• Syl connects the idea of releasing from guilt and shame to Understanding the situation and not feeling guilty about one's own foolishness or mistakes. (1:04:15)

• Syl emphasizes the profound insight that releasing from guilt leads to connection with the real self (1:07:20)

• Syl summarizes the power triangle of Clarity-of-Intent, Perspective-Shifting, and Thinking-Things-Through-TO-THE-END in the process of releasing from guilt and connecting with the Real Self. (1:09:08)

• Syl emphasizes the idea that everyone was "profoundly stupid" at some point, but that doesn't negate their inherent Goodness (1:32:02)

• Taking accountability for one's part in trauma is necessary for healing (1:45:57)

• They discuss the importance of releasing guilt in order to reconnect with oneself and others, and share personal experiences with guilt and healing (1:52:59)

• Syl suggests writing a poem about the transformative power of overcoming guilt and shame. (1:54:45)

• Syl and Sher discuss dealing with shame and guilt through impeccability and self-worth (1:58:00)

• Syl emphasizes the importance of starting from the point of view that you are already good in therapy or life coaching, rather than broken and needing to be fixed (2:05:32)

• Syl uses the analogy of fixing a leaky roof versus a foundation to explain why providing tools for building a new foundation is more important than just fixing surface-level problems in trauma recovery. (2:08:38)

• Syl emphasizes that the tools they are discussing, such as the Dictionary-of-Power and Life-Detective, are not beliefs but rather critical tools for Self-Awareness and Understanding (2:10:37)

• Syl Sabastian discusses how beliefs and perceptions can become ingrained in the soul and lead to looping patterns, using the example of women buying into the myth of misogyny (2:14:34)

• Syl Sabastian emphasizes the power of acknowledging that there may be some sense to these experiences and how it can change one's connection to them (2:17:37)

• They talk about the tools and principles of the Moreness-Project, such as Awareness, Discernment, andApplication, that help people connect with their true selves and release guilt and shame (2:28:08)

• They emphasize the importance of taking action and doing things like sharing one's guilt and shame in order to unhook from negative emotions. (2:29:17)

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